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As a 69 year old great grandmother, I decided to pursue a career in Taxidermy. My experience with “All Trophy’s” School of Taxidermy was beyond anything I had imagined.  The expertise and knowledge which Bill exhibited was that of someone who thoroughly enjoyed what he was teaching. I was very impressed with the individual “Hands on Training” Bill gave each of his students. The staff at ATST was extremely friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable during my stay there. With the knowledge I obtained, I feel very confident I will produce quality mounts!! I highly recommend “All Trophy’s” School of Taxidermy. They are a perfect 10!

Callie Reed                                                                                                                                                           Gun Barrel City, Texas

The experience at “All Trophy’s” School Of Taxidermy was great!

Bill is very down to earth and helps you in any way possible. If you are having problems with a certain portion of your mount, he will slow down and make sure you understand how to do it, the right way.  The staff at ATST is very friendly and answers all the questions to the best of their knowledge. I would recommend anyone to take this course because of the friendly environment and the small classes, which means more individual help and getting to know your classmates.

Evan King                                                                                                                                                             Oklaunion, Texas

The training and experience I obtained at "ATST" surpassed my expectations.

During my stay I had great accommodations, I felt right at home. The training there was all hands on from the first day to the last. I especially enjoyed that if I ever had a question about anything Bill took the necessary time to help me understand. As the shoulder mount began to take shape, I still could not believe I was the one putting this together. I feel that the staff at ATST were born teachers and great people, I feel privileged to have been a part of their program. Since the program, I have come home with the confidence to open my own taxidermy shop. I owe my confidence and my future success to “All Trophy’s” School of taxidermy.

Alex Garcia/Buckshot Taxidermy                                                                                                                        Corpus Christi, Texas 

"All Trophy's" School of Taxidermy is above and beyond what I thought it was going to be.

I have always enjoyed looking at mounts and being around wildlife. Then I had the opportunity to go to ATST. and it was a great decision to go. Bill took the time to make sure everyone had the understanding before he moved on. He is willing to answer any questions that you had about taxidermy. As we started I had the understanding of what was going on but as my shoulder mount was coming together I had some doubts what is was going to look like when it was done, but Bill kept on helping us keep our hopes high and when it was over the mount looked great and I could not believe my eyes! If anyone is wanting to go to Taxidermy School, ATST is the place to go. Thanks Bill for everything you helped me out with.

Ray Cunningham/CR's Taxidermy                                                                       Crowell, Texas     

I enjoyed my time spent at ATST because of the "Straight Forward" type of atmosphere and the zeal of my instructor to venture to great lengths of stressing the importance of performing each task with excellence.

Ricky Bogan                                                                                         Fort Worth, Texas     

Had a blast! Instructor knows his stuff. I am really glad I came. I learned a tremendous amount and feel confident to go home and continue what I learned how to do.

Tene Miller                                                                                          Yuma, AZ      

"Very Impressed"

I can't say enough good things about this school. Bill and Jill Pierce are great people and Instructors. Bill has a lot of experience in Taxidermy and it definitely shows. He is a great teacher and you can really tell that he likes what he does. If you have a problem with your work, he will stop everything and demonstrate and walk you through it until you are perfectly clear on what to do. It really makes learning fun! I could tell that this program was planned and thought out very well. It was definitely not just thrown together. I chose to stay at the school housing, they have just about everything you would need to make your stay comfortable. If you are looking for a hands on school where you will learn a great deal about producing great mounts and running your own shop, you have found it! "All Trophy's" School of Taxidermy! Thanks again!

Jared Davis/True 2 Nature Taxidermy                                                                    Combine, Texas    

Before coming to the class I was worried there might have been things I would have a hard time learning, but by the end of the first day I was confident I would leave the school knowing everything I needed to mount any kind of Deer. Bill has a great teaching style!

Julie Hart                                                                                            Cantonment, Florida        

I, like most  hunters and fishers, have a love for the outdoors and have always wanted a career involving my outdoor obsession. I finally, after a couple of years, decided to attend a taxidermy school. After careful consideration I choose All Trophy's and this, I believe, was an excellent choice. The school is very professional and well managed. The "hands on" experience is second to none, and Bill is very knowledgeable. My overall experience at All Trophy's was excellent. The housing was very good and I was blessed with some great roommates. I left the school with the confidence to open my own shop and some great friends that I can only hope last a lifetime. A special thanks to Bill and Jill, you have made the start of my new career very successful.

Jake Carter/Higher Ground Taxidermy                                                                   Alto, Texas       

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