May 19 2019
February 05 2019
W wielu lokalizacjach prowadz dziaalno firmy, które trudni si wynajmowanie, kontenerów. Wywóz odpadów Pozna s dosy atrakcyjne, bo s stosu

October 19 2017
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Complaint Policy


Dear Students:

This school has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission. (TWC)

The TWC assigned school number is S3422.

The school's programs are approved by TWC.

Students must address their concerns about this school or any of its educational programs by following the grievance process outlined in the school’s catalog. Schools are responsible for ensuring and documenting that all students have received a copy of the school’s grievance procedures and for describing these procedures in the school’s published catalog. If, as a student, you were not provided with this information, please inform school management.

Student’s dissatisfied with this school’s response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school, can file a complaint with TWC.

Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found on TWC’s website at

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